Journal Entry #7

I agree with Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, especially in connection with teaching. I have always felt that IQ tests or simple objective tests do not do justice to individuals who possess skills outside that format. Understanding these different “distinct intelligences” as a teacher allows you to see the value and uniqueness of each student. Maybe a student is not proficient in English, but the individual excels in logic and mathematics. With this knowledge, it is the job of the educator to recognize those strengths and incorporate different instructional practices.

Also, I appreciate how Gardner includes kinetics, musical, and interpersonal skills. I have always felt that education is the furthering of a variety of skills beyond content knowledge. Most of all, students are given the opportunity to explore different paths and find passions that areas of interest. Also, students learn other essential life skills, such as teamwork and other interpersonal skills that are necessary for the “real world.”

Lastly, I have always been a proponent of athletics and the applicable skills gained through sport. Furthering gross and fine motor skills can be associated with setting goals and attempting multiple strategies in order to identify the most suitable option.The benefit I have always identified in sports and physical activity is the perseverance past a point of comfort.


About powelli

Seattle Pacific University Graduate Student - Master's in Teaching - Anticipated Graduation August, 2016.
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